Monday, February 2, 2009

Kayla,understudy for a portrait

As I wrote earlier I am doing portraits again after almost 20 yrs,so a little bit rusty.This is a study I was doing for a portrait in charcoal.


Joanne said...

Hi There,
I noticed that you had said in an earlier post that you are discouraged that no one is visiting your blog. The best way to get traffic is to visit other artist's blogs and make comments on their recent posts. Usually they will come back to your blog and look at your art, and make comments too. You can also create links from your blog to artists that you like, and when you let them know you have done this, they will sometimes do the same for you from their blogs. Keep at it - and now go to one artist's blog and make a comment, then check out the other artists they have listed on their "blogroll" and do the same. :-) Good luck.

Fiza Designs said...

Beautiful! Your work is really good!

tohidas art said...

Thanx for ur advice,I have already started following it.